Reconnection Process

Alibhai GPS Tracker Reconnection Terms and Conditions

In the event that a customer of Alibhai GPS Tracking system experiences a lapse of one month in settling their invoice or encounters issues with expired devices. Alibhai GPS Tracker is committed to implementing a temporary suspension of the affected device from the platform, along with the associated SIM card. This suspension will persist until the subsequent payment is successfully processed, ensuring the seamless continuation of services upon resolution of the outstanding financial obligations. This measure is implemented to uphold the integrity of the billing system and to facilitate a prompt resolution for the customer to regain full access to the Alibhai GPS Tracking platform and associated services.

At Alibhai GPS Tracker, you can suspend a device by notifying us on our Hotline at +88 01742 060010  “Suspension” means temporarily halting services for a chosen vehicle or device.

A one-time charge applies for reactivating services, covering reconnection to the tracking platform and reactivation of the SIM card.


– Reactivating the service will take 3-5 business days.

–No discounts apply to the charge for reconnecting.