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Premium Package GPS Tracker Device Price for your Vehicles

“With Alibhai GPS Tracker, you can keep tabs on your vehicle’s whereabouts with our Premium Package GPS Tracker Device. Affordable and reliable, this device offers peace of mind by providing real-time location tracker updates for your vehicle at an unbeatable price. Stay informed about your vehicle’s precise location. Track your vehicle on Google Maps, monitor its status with vts tracker, and receive alerts for engine starts, ensuring you prevent unwanted incidents proactively.”

  • Premium GPS Tracker Device Price ৳5999

    2 Year's Device Replacement Warranty

Key Benefits

Driver Behaviour

Stay informed about driver behavior with Alibhai monitoring solutions

Improved VTS Safety

Real-time location tracker monitoring for tracking every vehicle stop, ensuring safety at all times.

Instant Alerts

Stay informed with all alerts delivered instantly to your mobile device through this comprehensive system.

Why Alibhai GPS Tracker?

Alibhai VTS tracker is an intuitive global positioning system designed for easy vehicle monitoring. With its waterproof design and dedicated app, you can effortlessly control the device, obtaining real-time location updates and adjustments directly from your smartphone.


Alibhai Realtime Live Tracking

Realtime Live Tracking

Alibhai Over Speed Alert

Over Speed Alert

Alibhai Engine On/Off Alert

Engine On/Off Alert

Alibhai Geo fence/ Parking/ Engine Idle Alerts

Geo fence/ Parking/ Engine Idle Alerts

Alibhai Multiple Reports

Multiple Reports

Alibhai Daily, Weekly, and Monthly History Playback

Daily, Weekly, Monthly History Playback

Alibahi Engine Lock/Unlock

Engine Lock/Unlock

Easy Wired Installation

Easy Wired Installation

Alibhai 1 Year Device Replace Warranty

1 Year Device Replace Warranty

Alibhai destination alert

Destination Alert

Alibhai panic button

Panic Button

Alibhai fuel report

Fuel Report

Alibhai ac on-off

AC Usage Report

Alibhai loud horn

Loud Horn

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