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Alibhai Best GPS Tracker in Bangladesh presents the number 1 groundbreaking vehicle tracking system (vts) that goes beyond conventional methods. Their advanced technology provides real-time insights into your fleet’s status and exact vehicle locations. The innovative cloud-based tracking software from Alibhai redefines fleet management, ensuring optimal efficiency and providing the best GPS device price in bd. Experience seamless and effective monitoring accessible through smartphones or desktops, empowering you with enhanced operational control.

Your Fleet Management with Alibhai Advanced Vehicle Tracking Service

Do you think you’ll lose your car? Use the Alibhai GPS Tracking Service to keep an eye on your Car, Bike,CNG,Track , or Motorcycle whatever you have, and prevent it from being added to the stolen list!!

Alibhai is a leading GPS Tracking Service in Bangladesh and is ranked as the number 1 vehicle tracking system.

Effortless Setup

Effortlessly install our vts tracker for seamless tracking and monitoring of your vehicle's location and activities. Stay connected and in control with ease.

Path Playback

Utilize our vts tracker Route Replay feature to retrace past routes and optimize future trips, ensuring efficient navigation and informed decision-making for your journeys.

Excessive Speed Warning

Stay safe on the road with our vts tracker Excessive Speed Warning feature, providing real-time alerts to prevent speeding and ensure responsible driving habits.

Parking Tracking

Efficiently monitor parking activities with our vts tracker precise Parking Tracking feature, providing detailed insights for optimized management and enhanced security of your vehicle.

Location Area Notifications

Receive real-time location area notifications with our vts tracker, ensuring you stay informed and secure, whether for asset protection or monitoring your vehicle's movements.

Fast, Friendly, 24/7 Customer Support

Experience top-notch 24/7 customer support with our vts tracker, ensuring prompt assistance and guidance at any time. Enjoy a fast and friendly service experience.


Our cutting-edge Vehicle Tracking devices ensure you can monitor your most precious assets, including loved ones and valuables.

Features To Keep Your Family Safe.

Discover how using vehicle tracking services in Bangladesh ensures safety & efficiency. Monitor your vehicles cost-effectively. Booking Service Now!

Alibhai location tracker

Live Tracking

Know the exact and current location tracker of your vehicle.

Alibhai location tracker

Geo Fence

Be aware when your car location tracker enters or exits a specific area.

Alibhai GPS Tracker Service - Price

Ignition Alert

Stay in the loop with activity alerts when the car's engine starts or stops.

Alibhai GPS Tracker Service - Price

SOS Button

Ask for help just by pressing a button on our device when you are in danger.

Alibhai GPS Tracker Service - Price

Power Cut Alert

Get a notification if someone attempts to remove the device.

Speed View

Alibhai GPS Know the speed range at which your car is moving.

Android, IOS & Web App

For the safety of your vehicle, we are available on all platforms.

Car Inside Voice Monitoring

Be a vigilante and listen to what the driver is talking about in the vehicle.

Alibhai GPS Tracker Service - Price

Engine Lock & Unlock

Switch On and Off your vts anytime from anywhere.

Instant Update

Get an update every 10 seconds about the vehicle location.

Milage Report

Get a monthly mileage report of your vehicle.

Route History

View the route history of your vehicle tracking service and know where it was the whole time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alibhai GPS Tracking Service provides the top GPS tracking device for 2023 :
1. Vyncs GPS Tracker: The best GPS tracker for long-term tracking

2. MOTOsafety GPS Tracker: Ideal for inexperienced drivers

3. Bounce: Excellent for car maintenance.

4. SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker: The most portable tracker available.

5. Kayo Simple GPS Tracker: Ideal for tracking several vehicles


Installation is typically straightforward and can be done by a professional or someone with basic technical knowledge. We provide detailed installation instructions, and our support team is available to assist you throughout the process.

Yes, our service typically involves a subscription fee, which covers the use of the tracking platform, data transmission, and ongoing support. We offer various subscription plans to suit your specific needs.

GPS tracking works by sending signals from satellites orbiting the Earth to GPS receivers on the ground. These receivers can be found on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and dedicated GPS tracking equipment.


Install a Vehicle Tracking device on any vehicle or asset that needs to be tracked. The satellite transmits signals to the receiver. In real-time, the receiver determines the distance between itself and the satellites. A report is generated that displays the journey distance or movement of your vehicle, as well as its coordinates and speed.

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